About our Prints

Licensed for sale in Australia and New Zealand (at present).

Posts only within those regions.


Miss Potter’s famous children’s books, Peter Rabbit and friends, have been an absolute favourite of mine since my childhood, and I am honoured to be licensed by the publishers to present prints of her delightful characters and drawings for sale.


The well-known characters are presented on high-quality paper, giving clarity and long life to these beautiful reproductions.  Colourful backgrounds have been added to beautifully enhance the art of this famous author, artist, naturalist and countrywoman.


The Art Prints are displayed and sold on “Eggshell White” mat boards, which has a delicate textured finish.  The print is approximately 15cm x 16.5cm (window size).  They are sold unframed.  Frame size required is 28 x 35cm (11 x 14”), which is readily available from stores everywhere in many designs and colours.


The prints are all the same size, and the size and colour of the mat boards is uniform, to give your prints a consistent look when hung in a set of 2 or more.

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